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Introducing QSRProducts Removable Day Labels – The ideal solution for food rotation, meal prepping and inventory management in both home and commercial kitchens, hospitals, and pharmacies. Each set includes 7 rolls, color-coded by day of the week, with 1000 labels per roll for a total of 7000 stickers.

Our 1-inch labels have a peel tab design and are easy to write on, making food organization and inventory management a breeze. With English, Spanish, and French language options, these labels are user-friendly and ideal for a wide range of businesses and institutions.

But that's not all – our removable labels do not require water, making them a more sustainable choice compared to dissolvable food labels. Plus, their minimal residue on removal means that they save you time and effort while leaving no sticky residue behind.

Whether you're managing food inventory in a busy restaurant or hospital pharmacy, QSRProducts Removable Day Labels make it easy to stay organized and up-to-date.


  • With English, Spanish, and French on every label, these stickers are perfect for multilingual food service environments
  • Minimal to no residue left behind when you remove these labels
  • Convenient peel tab design that makes them easy to remove from your containers or pans
  • Easy to write on, making it simple to add important information such as prep dates, use-by dates, or other notes
  • Non-toxic adhesive that ensures they are safe for use on food containers and packaging
  • Perfect for both home and commercial kitchens, our removable day labels simplify food organization
  • Water-free and time-saving: Our removable labels outshine dissolvable labels


This is a set of 7 rolls, 1 for each day. Each roll has a 1000 labels. This item has a total of 7000 labels. Do you need 1000 labels of a specific day? Just choose the day in the drop down menu. 

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