Winco Aluminum Pizza Screen

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To create a crispy crust, the aluminum construction is very heat conductive, and the mesh bottom transfers heat efficiently. It has a seamless design to prevent food particles and debris from getting trapped in the crevices, meaning it can be wiped clean. This unit works well in commercial settings, such as pizza shops, school cafeterias, and restaurants where pizza is served.


  •  Variety Pizza Screen Sizes: 8in, 9in, 11in, 13in 
  • Professional quality
  • Seamless design for more ventilation to produce a more evenly baked pizza crust
  • Aluminum pizza screen incorporates a seamless design
  • The pizza crust is an integral part of the perfect pizza
  • Promotes transfer of heat to speed up the baking process, increasing operational efficiency
  • Built for high volume use establishments at an economical cost
  • Perfect for pizzerias, sandwich shops, and restaurants, and home use